Jabez's story hit the Keighley News

Following on from the previous article about Jabez Bancroft, the story has been picked up by the Keighley News. The following article appeared in the newspaper this week.

I have also received the nice piece of ephemera from Steve Pick, which appears to be an advertisement that Jabez must have been using to promote his work as a taxidermist. I am now wondering if this was more than just a hobby for Jabez, as he describes himself as a “Dealer in British and Foreign birds, skins, bird eggs and artificial eyes etc”.

I like the bit that says ….” Specimens got up as life-like as possible” !!

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Unknown said...

I collect taxidermy. Yesterday I came across a Bancroft case, exactly as labelled.
It was truly remarkable. The birds were in a perfect condition, unbelievable really, after such a time.
He was a first rate taxidermist. Had he been prolific, his work would stand against any of the great names associated with the trade.